Corporate Events

Happy Hour For Your Company

Would you like a special socially distanced event for your co-workers? A delicious, entertaining, and informal way to conclude a seminar or project? A unique way to bring your family together while remaining apart?

Chef Cynthia Bloebaum will provide you with a private Zoom session scheduled for your group’s convenience. The sessions last approximately 1-1 ½ hours and can be as detailed as you like.

Each zoom session combines cheese, wine, and beverage recommendations, food and wine pairing notes, and lots of fun information.

Chef will deliver her Cheese Party Kit to the entire SF Bay Area or ship to anywhere in the U.S.

Each kit contains:

5 different 1 ½ -2 ounce portions of cheese, 3 of her Old School Jams or Condiments chosen specifically for the cheeses; crackers or suitable bread, a tasting guide with notes and information + zoom coordinates.

Wine is not included in the kit, but Chef Cynthia can arrange a wine shipment through a licensed vendor.

Chef Cynthia Bloebaum is a seasoned, professional chef, WSET 3, cheese maven, and international food/wine touring concierge. 

Additionally, she is a successful jam-maker, caterer, and cooking instructor. Her passion & expertise makes for a fun, informative event for all.

Specialized Cheese Events

• Introduction to the Basic Cheese Classifications: How to appreciate and store them, specialized tools for service; wines to pair with them. Cheeses for this event: ashy goat cheese, medium-bodied sheep’s cheese, cheddar, washed-rind cheese, blue cheese

• Bloomy Rind Cheeses: The difference between Brie and Camembert, double and triple cream cheeses and why they pair so well with sparkling wine. Cheeses for this event: Brie de Meaux, Goat Brie, D’affinois, Triple Cream, Washed Rind

• Cheddars Around the World: The history and meaning of cheddaring; young and aged cheddars, their popularity, and International influence. Cheeses for this event: goat milk cheddar, UK cheddars, American cheddars

• Goat Cheeses Around the World: Their development, diversification, and international differences, plus the best wines to accompany them. Cheeses for this event: Valençay, Ossau-Iraty, Ibores, Goat Gouda, Goat Cheese with truffles

• Gouda: How to pronounce it, how the US has made significant strides in making this cheese-style, wine, or beer pairing. Cheeses for this event: samples of different aged Goudas, Flavored Goudas, Goat’s Gouda, Sheep Gouda, American vs. Dutch

• Italian Cheeses: So much more than Mozzarella and Parmesan; their regional differences, history, and the wines to pair with them. Cheeses for this event: Artisanal Ricotta, Toma, Aged Asiago, Pecorino Sardo and La Tur

• Spanish Cheese and Wine: Their history and regional differences go beyond Manchego. Cheeses for this session: Tetilla, Caña de Ovejo, Mahon, Zamorano and Cabrales

• The Best Cheeses of France: how they’ve developed, specialized, and become some of the world’s most popular cheeses, plus the wines to pair with them. Cheeses for this event: Camembert, Selles sur Cher Chevre, Beaufort, Gruyere, St Agur Blue

* Specific cheeses depending upon availability

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