Testimonials – Chef Cynthia B

Classes – Cooking, Wine & Cheese

“I love getting the box every month! It’s really fun to uncover the condiments, the cheeses and the wines.  Every class is a treat.”
Peggy G

“Whether in a class or in some wine producing area in Europe (or Argentina!), we become familiar with a region’s wine, cheese, traditional cuisine and some cultural history.  It’s like Chef Cynthia never stops enthusiastically for studying an area before each class. So even if I’ve had some prior introduction, it feels like I’m discovering each location along with her.”
Jennifer C

“The classes are great and I’ve learned so much.  Chef Cynthia shares her love and joy in food and wine.”
Linda N

“So much fun.”
Nora F

“Chef Cynthia is a gem.”

Paul B - Wine Importer

“The Gouda session was really informative; I tasted cheeses I’ve never had before and I’m Dutch.”
Adrian V


Travel – Europe – North America – South America

“I wouldn’t have gone to Sicily without Chef Cynthia! We ate so well and the wines were world-class.”
Kimberlee S

“Our trip to the Douro Valley of Portugal was so special. The winemakers opened their doors to us and were very generous. The restaurants were wonderful.”
Richard B

“Chef Cynthia’s trips are always special- we eat well, we meet winemakers, we cook together.”
Kellie S

“We wanted to learn how to make Duck Confit.  Chef Cynthia gave a demonstration in the Burgundian farmhouse she rented. We won’t forget the experience!”
L and K Williamson

“Chef Cynthia has taken me to places I never would have been to without her.”
Andrea U

‘The private tours and meals at wineries are really special; Chef Cynthia finds some great places to visit and learn. I’ve gone on 3 of her trips.”


Melanie T

“I got a private trip to Champagne with Chef Cynthia. We were treated like royalty.”


Carla A

“We had to postpone the trip to Piedmont, Italy because of Covid, but I’m signed up for her 10/22 session there. “


Katherine S

Chef Cynthia B